Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Multi-Form Project

After working with Visual Basic for several weeks, we were assigned to do a multi-form project in Visual Basic. The purpose of this project is to be able to put together many of the new functions of Visual Basic that I have learnt how to use. My multi-form project has the theme of the "Grammy Awards" to it and it ties together several applications that I have already created. My splash screen contains a picture of a red carpet and command buttons in order to connect to different places such as the Main Menu. My Main Menu page holds the theme of the "Grammys" by being the page that contains the "nominees". The nominees are several of the programs that I have previously created in Visual Basic, and basically the thought is to vote the best one to win an award. My project contains an About form, which has been very common in my previous Visual Basic projects. The about form is basically briefly summarizing what the program is, who it is created by, and the copyright of it. Lastly, my multi-form project contains a Closing Screen. This closing screen acts as the "thank-yous" in the awards, when one of my projects was voted the best and won a grammy. My Visual Basic multi-form project was quite simplistic to do because it was basically putting together all of the previous knowledge I had gained while working with Visual Basic. In the process of creating this project I was able to learn even more new functions or features and how to fix certain errors when they occured. My final touch to my project was putting in a "easter egg". An "easter egg" is something that is hidden in my project and can only be seen when the user clicks certain keys. Overall, this project was straight forward and I enjoyed creating it!

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